Gosh what cheeky little monkeys these are! I don't think I'd be teasing Mr Crocodile 'Can't catch me!' ... SNAP! Oh no! Now there are only four little monkeys! I had great fun designing and drawing this set. Look closely and you’ll find opportunities to use this resource in mutliple ways.

Although on first sight these cute little monkeys’s all look alike, each one is unique. Children can sort and classify them by tail length (height or poistion) or hand position.

  • 4 have the same tail length while 2 are shorter
  • 2 also have the same hand position however their tails are different lengths
  • 3 monkey’s have tails on the left and 3 on the right
  • 1 monkey is ‘the more obvious odd one out as his feet are together, with 1 hand on his head and while the other all have the same face, his is different

Children will need to use their decision making skills to decide upon their classification method (rule). Sound complicated ? – Well as we know, children are very observant and any child who has recognised thany differences is probably ready to work towards developing a complex solution.
As you can see there are multiple way for these monkey’s to be classified.  So children can engage with this resource on many occasions using different classification methods. There really are no right and wrong ways to use it - so long as the chld can tell what they method od classification was e.g. tail height. But I haven’t made it easy – children will develop their problem solving skills, emergent numeracy skills, concentration and perseverance engaging with this resource.

Download Rhyme Resource Includes:

  • Song Sheet
  •  6 Monkey’s 6x10cm
  • Palm Tree 25.5x16cm
  • Crocodile 6x18.5cm
  • ►Monkey See, Monkey Do Game Card

Note: I have often heard this song being sung with an aliigator,instead of a crocodile. I found this intriguing as alligators and monkeys do not live anywhere near each other! It’s so easy for wording to change with each generation, but as teachers we should be aware of these inconsistencies as we all want children to have accurate information, no matter how subtly that knowledge is being developed

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5 Little Monkeys Teasing Mr Crocodile

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