About Us

About Us

Story Resources started in 2004 as a hobby, which grew into a business that was officially launched in April 2007.

We are very proud of our extensive educational resource range. Particularly the magnetic range which has been created designed and produced by us from start to finish, right down to the packaging. Story Resources are innovative in its DIY attitude both its product options, business development and in employment.

The consistencies between Story Resources philosophy and mission statement and the NZ early childhood curriculum Te Whaariki were not purposefully aligned. However in hindsight, perhaps this is just one of the reasons that Story Resources has built a strong client base that continues to grow and I have so much fun. As the saying goes “once a teacher always a teacher” I just didn’t realise that I would be implementing so many teaching and learning skills into a successful business model.

An intrinsic part of the Story Resources business plan is to employ adults who simply need an opportunity to participate in meaningful work. Their individual situation may have previously prevented them from engaging in regular employment due to their personal situation, physical challenges and/or mental illness. Story Resources incorporates the needs and desires of the employee and their potential with in the business. Personal and professional development therefore has holistic focus. You can read more about my own personal story below.

Doing things ourselves and our own way makes us unique. We tend to focus on the benefits of the resource rather than the cost. Often adapting resources for specific needs and creating requested items, some of which end up on the website as freebies for other teachers to enjoy. We have found that our clients really do appreciate our personal service and that ‘warm fuzzy’ feedback really does brighten our day. We pride ourselves on fast, friendly and efficient service. On the one occasion, ok I was kidding, that something doesn’t go right you can rely on us to be honest with you. We will own up to our mistake and put things right as quickly as possible with no fuss.

The goals and aspirations for Story Resources are quite simplistic for this day and age really. I intend to continue meeting the growing need, and developing cross curriculum teaching resources for early childhood in New Zealand. Underpinned by this is the desire to share my skills in a meaningful way and continue to be involved in early childhood industry even though daily teaching for me is no longer an option.

As I have previously said ‘I’m not some Big Business but a teacher, just like you’ so I know you’ll appreciate the research, designed and graphic work that goes into each and every resource and see the value they can add to your own teaching.

I have hand some interesting opportunities and experiences since Story Resources began. I have meet inspiring people, people who have become friends (via email), and emails from clients who really have made my day! I’ve also had international offers to buy the concept and product range – to which I’ve obviously said no otherwise what would I do then? But with each and every opportunity and experience I can honestly say Story Resources will always continue to focus on its original purpose (see our mission statement). And in so saying, you are welcome to drop in and visit us and we’ll always put the jug on for a cuppa, we’d love to meet you in person.