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Where you'll find integrated magnetic and felt teaching resources based on familiar stories and rhymes. Our range of unique teaching resources is designed to stimulate children’s imaginations and encourage a love of learning, while having fun. Select and order your new Story Resources online today, no matter where you live in the world we have a delivery option for you.

Preschoolers have the most amazing imaginations, and create their own amazing stories. To develop the love of stories even further, and aid in the development of literacy and numeracy skills the addition of early childhood educational resources such as magnet stories, felt stories and rhymes, finger puppets, magnetic rhymes bring stories and rhymes to life and create extended learning opportunities that can become a life long passion.

As teachers we know that children learn best when using a range of teaching and learning strategies. Children engaged in preschool activities which relate to their own world and builds on prior knowledge have a higher likelihood of successfully learning and using that new information and strategies in other areas.

Story Resources magnetic and felt range takes this research into account when developing teaching and learning resources for preschoolers and early childhood centres, and you’ll find our resources catering for a range of teaching and learning styles that integrate literacy and numeracy across the early childhood curriculum.

Each magnet resource has its own set of full colour digitally drawn graphics with a specific focus and learning objectives. Many resources also incorporate extended learning opportunities, and some have extra activities that can be downloaded from this website.

Our Te Whaariki (1996) resources are highly acclaimed as 'the resource that every early childhood teacher should have' Feedback, from teachers at all stages of their careers is most commonly ‘how much easier they make my job'. With copyright and DRM owned by Story Resources this is the only place you'll find them. Each set has taken months and months of hard work, but the effort has been so rewarding, we know you’ll find them invaluable.

Prices are in NZ$, and all resources are available via immediate download.

Order now and enjoy the use of your new early childhood teaching resources! So, just choose a category that interests you and you’ll find all sorts of preschool activities,teaching resources and information to spice up your teaching and bring delight to the children you teach.

If there is anything we can help you with please feel free to contact us anytime.