• Cuddly Kittens ECE Rhyme

Cats and Kittens are always a popular theme with preschool aged children and these five cuddly kittens are ohh so cute. This magnet rhyme goes well with the Colourful Cats File Folder table top activity which is one of your free resources. There is also an extra wee rhyme about purring cats for the children and teachers in your early childhood centre to enjoy.

Ruby Rhyme Download Includes:

  • 5 Cuddly Kittens & My Cat Rhyme Card
  • 5 Kittens

Resources from the Ruby Rhymes Collection are smaller than the Ordinary Magnet Rhyme Category. Sizes = rhyme card approx: 14cm x 9.5cm pictures in an average Ruby rhyme as approx 10xm x 8cm depending upon the shape.                

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Instant Download Resources will be available for download as soon as you complete the checkout process. You will also receive an email confrmation, or you can view find this same information in your members area. This is a DIY resource that is ready for you to download, If your looking for RM (Ready Made) stories and rhymes teaching resources that can be posted internationally please use the general categories. DIY Resources are a popular option that stretches your teaching resource budget further. We provide you with a professional teaching resource that you download in full colour. You simply laminate it and add magnets to the back if you want to use on a magnet board or a Velcro patch if you want to use them on your felt board. This way you save time and money, have the satisfaction that you made it yourself, and still end up with a professional looking magnet board teaching resource.

Cuddly Kittens ECE Rhyme

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