Privacy Policy

Your privacy is paramount, and I do not share your information with anyone.

If you have received an email from us that you were not expecting, perhaps a friend thought you would be interested in these teaching and story resources.

Emails & Newsletters I usually send an annual update email each year and a birthday special announcement. The "Birthday Special Weekend" is certainly worth getting!!! Update emails are staggered throughout the year and this depends upon the first letter in your email address. Unsubscribe options are at the bottom of each update or birthday sale email, or you can send us your email address with the words unsubscribe in the subject, comments or body and we'll remove you from our list.

Spam: that looks like it came from Story Resources.                                          

Even I have received spam that had 'storyresources' in the sender’s field. Well obviously I knew I hadn't sent it! 

If you get anything using my domain name which look like spam I would appreciate if you could forward it to me so I can deal with the culprits. Please avoided blocking it with your spam filter as this actually blocks my legitimate emails and not the address where the fake originated from.